Packing for trips is a multi day event that involves several suitcase and lots of LOVE!

First there is the purchasing of the BERGER COOKIES! Its a tradition for Leopardo Laptop and I just love to take Berger Cookies to our “familia” whenever we travel!

Yesterday I went to the Royal Farms Store to pick up 40 boxes of Berger Cookies….each box weighs about a pound! And 40 boxes of the Berger Cookie Snack Pack each holding 2 Berger Cookies…We like to give them to the bellboys along with a tip because hauling our Leopard Luggage is no easy task…

Its a tradition that started way back when and has grown over the years… For those of you not from Baltimore and not familiar with Berger Cookies, they are a local delicacy that has been a family favorite for a very LONG TIME! You can read more about them here:

Then there is packing the Bergers into Zip Lock Bags…because they are going to have to be split between 3 checked bags and 1 carry on bag to make their trip! Its a PROCESS! LOL! Well I just finished that process they are all packed in their Zip Lock bags and tomorrow they will find their home in the Leopard Suitcase…Leopardos are happy suitcases knowing they are going to be fed!

Leopard Luggage

Leopard Luggage awaiting their final packing of BERGERS!

The next largest packing process is the “Toiletry Bag”…LOL! Lotions, potions and everything in between! LOL, this doesn’t allow much room for clothes…But its all about the cookies, everything else manages to get squeezed in just under the 50 lb limit for each bag! Hey…a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do…to get where a girl wants to GO!

Tic Tic Tic…Leopardo and I can’t wait til Saturday when we take off!