September 12th and 13th will be Dreams Riviera Cancun for Leopardo Laptop and me…

This will be yet another NEW DREAM COME TRUE for Leopardo and myself as when we were in Mexico last April it had not been completed and we didn’t get to go. We were sad about that!

BUT now we will be making up for it and going to Dreams Riviera Cancun and having some SWEET DREAMS! We have been in touch with the DREAM TEAM there and can’t wait to see some Dear old friends and meet some NEW ONES! That’s right we already know some of the DREAM TEAM from their time at other of the AMResorts and we can’t wait to see them! This is one of the great pleasures that we have…having meet members of the various TEAMS and seeing them move to other of the “Family of Brands” Leopardo and I just love that!

We have been spending a LOT of Time checking out Dreams Riviera Cancun Face Book Page in anticipation too! Here is the link in case you haven’t seen it:!/DreamsRivieraCancun?ref=ts

Click on it and see for yourself! Lots of fun chatter from guest who are going and guests who have been! Very exciting to read…and lots of guests are sharing photos too! Check them out here!!/DreamsRivieraCancun?v=photos&ref=ts

The link above will take you there so you can see the pics! Leopardo and I can’t wait to get there and take our own pics and some videos to share! We will be posting LIVE FROM while we are there and hope that you will be following us as we have SWEET DREAMS at Dreams Riviera Cancun! If you have anything you want to see, let us know and we will try to get you the pics or vids so you can see for yourself!
We just know that we will LOVE IT!

If you haven’t already we suggest that you take a look over on their webpage…lots of GREAT Info to see there too!

And they have a great interactive map for you to check out too! Just love that feature! You can scroll over the map and really get a feel for what a SWEET DREAM you will be having!

So I hope that all of you will be with Leopardo and me while we are there one way or another…if you are going to be at Dreams Riviera Cancun we would love to meet you and if you can’t make it please join us while we post LIVE on Facebook and Twitter!

Sweet DREAMS Everyone!
bb/mt and Leopardo Laptop!