September 10th and 11th find both Leopardo and myself in our first Moment of NOW!

We are over the top excited to be visiting NOW JADE! Since we have not been there its going to be a NEW MOMENT not only a NOW Moment!

We have been spending a lot of time over on their Face Book Fan Pages checking out Pictures and Reviews and comment of the guests that have been posting…some while they are there doing “live from”….what fun it its!!/pages/Now-Jade-Riviera-Cancun/119443228078522?ref=ts

We love logging in each and every day and seeing the chatter about NOW JADE and whats going on at the resort. We love the way everyone comes on and shares….questions get answers here…from guests who have been and others who have been following the page! What really rocks our world is that Diana Manrique from the resort comes on and post. I hope to get to meet Diana while there to thank her personally for all that she and the team there are doing to make such special NOW Moments for so many!

Here is where you can check out a TON of great pics of the resort!!/pages/Now-Jade-Riviera-Cancun/119443228078522?v=photos&ref=ts

How great is Facebook and the Fanpages for folks to share and Kudos to all that have! My Dear Friend Carole went down in May and came back an shared her pics and comes on quite often along with others within the “Now Jade” community and shares her NOW Moments with all of us! Rene comes to mind too as a frequent poster who has not been yet but has gathered a lot of great info and is excited to go in October, Allison who was just there and did a blog with pics sharing her vacation! Leopardo and I really enjoyed that because that is what we do whenever we travel!

I think that Diana and the NOW Team even though we have not met officially in person yet…are doing an AMazing Job! I want to give them Kudos and thanks for all the love and dedication for spreading the moment of NOW to not only the guests who visit the resort but to those of us on Facebook who are researching and building our anticipation to our very own Moments of NOW!

Another GREAT resource for all needing a moment of NOW before arrival is to explore their webpage:

Leopardo and I have been loving the interactive MAP over on their webpage!

You can scroll over the map and pics of each of the white dots will tell you and some have pics of what things are and where they are located! LOVE that feature!

Well our Days are ticking away…and before we know it Leopardo and I will truly be in our very OWN MOMENT OF NOW!

We hope that you will come with us on our adventure and follow us on Facebook! We will be posting LIVE FROM sharing our Moment of NOW with all of you!