On September 9th is when Leopardo and I will be enjoying Secrets Maroma… We have some very fond Memories of Maroma…here!

Last visit there was an AMAZING Full moon and I got a great pic and thought of the old song…Moon over Miami and now think…Moon over Maroma every time I look at it!

Secrets Maroma

Moon Over Maroma...LOVE this Pic!

The lobby bar is a great meeting place! Always a buzz with folks meeting and greeting, and once a week they have a Managers Party where everyone gets to meet the managers of the Resort!

Secrets Maroma

Secrets Maroma Lobby Bar and Managers Party

I LOVE the winding water feature that goes from the Lobby all the way down to the Pool! So Beautiful!

Secrets Maroma

Winding Water Feature at Secrets Maroma

While at Dinner the Strolling Musicians Serendaded me with one of my Favorite Songs…

It was such a special moment…I still well up each time I play the video… Secrets Maroma is full of Special Maroma Moments… Its a Magical Place indeed!

At night it looks like a Magical Fairy Land with all the lights…this is a view from my Balcony…

Secrets Maroma

View from My Balcony with Secrets Maroma all lit up

The Beach at Secrets Maroma always gets such great reviews…here you can see why…its absolutley GORGEOUS!

Of course while I was there I visited their Spa and it too is MARVELOUS!

Secrets Maroma

The Reception Area at the Spa of Secrets Maroma

Secrets Maroma

Spa at Secrets Maroma

The Treatment areas and Massage Cabins are like a Dream out of Arabian Nights or Morraco…

Secrets Maroma

Secrets Maroma Outside Spa Area

I can’t wait to get back and relive all these MARVELOUS MAROMA MEMORIES and share them with all of you!

Leopardo Laptop and I will be posting LIVE FROM on the FaceBook Fanpages of Secrets Maroma:


We hope that you will share our time at Secrets Maroma with us…and please post with any questions you may have or pictures of things you would like us to get for you.

Here is their website if you haven’t already been…